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Brookfield, Vermont

Project Overview

hoopla serves public libraries around the world with a platform to provide digital content to their patrons. To enable the platform, hoopla needs a wide variety of services, processes, and infrastructure. This is where Green Mountain Design comes into play.

Our primary function for hoopla is to provide backend services, as well as the programing needed for apps used by librarians and their vendors. Green Mountain Design works in tandem with other developers around the country to provide these services.

For example, Green Mountain Design is in part responsible for an AWS ETL pipeline which provides data for Elasticsearch indexes. These indexes provide search results for the patron apps. So if you were to visit the hoopla's website, search results, search suggestions, and faceted searches are all made possible via the data pipeline Green Mountain Design helped to create. Infrastructure was considered too, and this pipeline lives on AWS, using Lambda, SQS, Elasticsearch, and a GraphQL server providing data.

A brief list of services created by Green Mountain Design include:

  1. GraphQL servers written in node.js using the Apollo framework
  2. AWS Lambda functions written in node.js
  3. Web apps built with React. Several other technologies were used as well, including Redux, Sagas, state machines, styled components, and others.
  4. Data ingestion / ETL pipeline funneling data from Postgres into Elasticsearch


Note: Design of this project did not take place with the help of any member of Green Mountain Design and Development.


hoopla is a web and mobile media streaming application for public libraries in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia

Type of projectData PipelineIndustryPublic ServicesLibrariesTechnologyReactNode.jsElasticsearchGraphQLAWSJavaScriptWork completed for the clientServerless AWS functionsCustom Programming